Hi, I'm a member of the group of people who don't really know what their expertise is. My job is programmer while I act as a writer, photographer and illustrator for fun and joy. Now I'm based in Tokyo, Japan.

I love collecting beautiful things in the world. This website is to display the collection and share it with you.

I like: reading books, taking a walk, music, writing, knowing something new, travel, fashion, old cities, beauty, dogs&cats, alcohol

I dislike: too much overwork in Japan(I hate), packed schedule, surrounded by strangers


2019: Try working as digital nomad in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong for 3 months.

2018: "Japan falling down, go overseas."

2017: Start programming and working as a software engineer.

2016: "Omg I'm not sociable enough to promote communication."

2015: Turn to translator and interpretor.

2014: "My boss and company suck."

2013: Graduate from university and start working for a manufacturer as a sales planner.


Email: hachi8x8i@gmail.com

Twitter: @hachi8x8i